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Under a Togo Moon

Sitting outside on deck 8 of the Africa Mercy under a full moon, on a breezy night watching the deck hands across the way load and unload cargo. It feels a little like I’m in the movie the Titanic. Except I’m in Africa doing ministry work on a Ship of 300 that provides medical services and it’s 2010. And I’m not wearing a beautiful gown dancing to beautiful music with a gentleman gently taking me by my hand and twirling me around. Except that.

Strange for me not to be leading a team on this trip. Stranger still to have so much alone time. I love every inch. God ordained, I am sure.

I’m with a team of 7 women who are leading a trauma care workshop for children who have been emotionally wounded out of political violence in Togo or girls who have been sexually violated or boys who have been particularly abused. I am honored to have been invited to be a part of such amazing minds and seasoned clinicians.

As a part of eXile, we always say we do not want to re-create the wheel. These women have written impressive curriculum and books on trauma specific to the culture of Africa. It’s been wonderful already to simply learn from them so we can take what we learn and use it in Congo and Eastern Africa. We have been asked to incorporate more of the dance, music, and drama into their already amazing program. Excited for that opportunity.

So I sit here on this beautiful African night, praying for the children we will be working with this week. Praying for every one of their hearts. Praying as well for the girls and boys in the orphanages in Congo and Uganda that we love so dearly. I feel so much closer to them just being on this continent – maybe that’s why my prayers for them are deeper.

Lord, use me. Simple prayer on this simple night. Help me to be all that you would be to them if you were here. Bring me to Life – for you. For I am –

Yours, b

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