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Will You Be My Valentine?

Gladys’ Story

Heart of gold, helper, future teacher…

Gladys’ mother was captured and killed by LRA rebels. After her father remarried, Gladys was treated like a maid and later pushed out of her home.

Gladys is met with anxiety when it comes to school. She often has to miss entire terms at school due to her inability to pay school fees regularly. Though Gladys works hard, gardening and saving money, it’s extremely difficult for a child to work and earn enough money to pay for their education while being enrolled. But, Gladys does not give up.

Gladys has been involved in EI’s counseling and discipleship programs since 2016.  She asks for prayer for good health and an opportunity to receive an education. Despite her own difficult circumstances, she has an enormous heart for helping others and has dreams of becoming a teacher one day. Through sponsorship, you can be the key to empowering Gladys to accomplish her dreams!



Abel’s Story

Respectful, God-fearing, future doctor…

In a matter of moments, Abel and his three siblings were left orphaned when LRA rebels murdered their parents. Due to the issue of ‘land grabbing’ being prevalent in the region they live in, Abel has to do everything he can to make sure his parents’ land is not stolen from them.

Having attended EI’s care programs since 2012, Abel is an active contributor and leader for peace in his community. He enjoys playing football, loves praying and reading his bible. He is known as a respectful, God-fearing and intelligent boy. He prays for good health and extraordinary wisdom!

Abel was born with AIDs yet dreams of giving healing to others.  Abel dreams of becoming a doctor. Through his healing, discipleship and leadership programs- care – he is finding hope for his future and empowering opportunities to achieve his dreams. Sponsoring Abel is a tangible way to contribute to his dreams and impact the lives of those he desires to serve!



Winny’s Story

Hope-filled, hard working, future lawyer…

After her daring escape from the rebels who held her captive, Winny was rejected by her community and not welcomed back. Former captives of rebel armies in this region are often stigmatized and regularly exiled from their communities — their communities fearing ramifications of welcoming a former child soldier. Children like Winny are left to fend for themselves on the streets or even forced to return to the rebel armies in an attempt to simply survive.

But, Winny has not succumbed to those options. She works hard and practices small-scale farming for her own survival – growing crops such as millet and corn. She is able to farm just enough to survive off of and sells what little remains to purchase livelihood items.

Winny has been involved in EI’s care programs since 2016. Winny joined EI’s care program in 2016 where art-focused trauma care and discipleship by caring EI teammates are helping her heal the traumas of her past.

Her prayer request is to be accepted by her community and to go to school.  She enjoys playing netball and praying. She dreams of becoming a lawyer and with your help, Winny will be empowered to achieve her dreams.



Despite the injustice and the terrible pain these children have survived, through God’s grace, He is writing a story of redemption and hope. Through the compassionate and skilled care of EI’s teams, each of these children finally have the freedom to begin their own journeys of healing and become leaders in their communities. Through your support, each of these children will be empowered to continue their journeys of healing and become leaders for peace.

Through sponsorship, you will provide these children with art-focused trauma care, safety, food and a quality education in a Christian school. Because of you, they will know they are deeply loved and valuable in the eyes of God… and to you. No longer defined by their past, these children will continue dreaming and will create  a brighter future for their families and communities!


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