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Healing the Wounds of Trauma

Healing the Wounds of Trauma

Recently, Exile’s US Team had the opportunity to be trained in Trauma Healing Institute’s curriculum — one of the trauma healing curriculums Exile’s Congolese and Ugandan counselors utilize daily.

We were blessed to train alongside incredible counselors and social workers who aim to use this powerful tool to help trauma survivors both domestically and internationally. Many thanks to African Leadership for cohosting with Exile!

3 Program Graduates | Paying It Forward!

Each of these young men found healing and hope through Exile’s programs after surviving hell as child soldiers. With safety, counseling and new lives found in Christ — we have watched them blossom and each come to life again. Today, they are truly thriving!

Paying it forward.

Under the continued mentorship of Exile’s care teams, each has returned to their communities and started a Peace Club — collectively serving 168 child survivors of war.

What are Peace Clubs?

These are Exile’s community-based care programs where rescued child soldiers and children orphaned by war are able to find the care they need to heal the wounds of war. More than just a counseling center… they are a place to find safety and a place to belong.

The three young men above are now trained Exile’s core, trauma healing and empowerment curricula. Under the mentorship of Exile’s care teams, these young men are providing life changing care and opportunities to 168 child survivors of war. They are paying it forward — the healing and hope they experienced — and transforming their communities!


Gratitude for our partners and curriculum creators

The recent training in Nashville gave our US-based team a better understanding of the complexities of trauma… and the healing that is possible with proper care. Our gifted instructors from the American Bible Society’s Trauma Healing Institute (THI) led our cohort through the program and taught many of practices, activities and techniques that are being used with by our heroes — Exile’s care teams in Congo and Uganda AND many others serving trauma survivors worldwide.

The facilitators of this groundbreaking curriculum are standing in the gap — demonstrating the heart of Jesus and serving as His hands and feet.

This is exactly what our local counselors are doing every day on the ground with rescued child soldiers and children orphaned by war. They are our heroes!


Some basic facts about the Trauma Healing Institute’s Healing the Wounds of Trauma:

It is incredibly encouraging to know there is hope. 

To know that even in the deepest pain and brokenness of innocent children around the world — who at this very moment are experiencing trauma and pain — that wounds can be healed.

Pray for the wounded and traumatized. Pray for the counselors that are aiding the wounded and walking alongside the wounded towards healing and restoration.

‘For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds,’ says the Lord.  – Jeremiah 30:17 


Look at how far this healing message has spread, and join us in praying and dreaming for the places it has yet to reach!



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