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Disaster Relief Resources

Disaster Relief Resources for your family, church, small group, and more On May 22, 2021, Mt. Nyiragongo erupted outside of Goma, Congo, killing many, destroying homes, and displacing thousands The city of Goma in DR Congo experienced an unthinkable tragedy when Mt. Nyiragongo erupted and lava flowed into the city displacing 400,000+ (*regular updates on […]

Exile Family Homes Destroyed | Emergency Relief Needed

On May 22nd, Mount Nyiragongo erupted outside of Goma, DR Congo, killing many, destroying villages, and displacing thousands. After returning home, many families in the Exile community found their homes destroyed, even more returned to find all their possessions looted. Multiple Exile programs in Congo have been affected by the volcanic eruption. Now, is the […]

Eruption Displaces Thousands | Emergency Relief Needed

Volcano Relief Updates moved To exileinternational.org/volcano-relief Recent Updates Here  Volcano Relief   May 27 — Situation Update Second eruption possible. Mandatory evacuations started. Join us in prayer. Tens of thousands again flee Goma area as an official warn an eruption “could happen very soon and without warning.” An eruption under Lake Kivu could release deadly clouds of […]

Mental Health Resources For You & Your Family

We’re here for you. Because the core of Exile’s work is the emotional health of children led by mental health experts, we understand the importance of navigating the complicated topic of mental health with the children in your life – home, youth group, classroom. We are with you and for you! We are here to equip […]

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