The Color of Grace

Exile International’s founder, Bethany Haley Williams, Ph.D., shares how her own emotional healing led her into the lives of child survivors of war.


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A Note From Bethany

“The Color of Grace shares my own journey through depression, trauma and disappointment and how God used my healing process to lead me into the lives of rescued child soldiers and children orphaned by war. It was by meeting these children, and my eyes being opened to the evil they had experienced, that my spiritual journey was turned upside down.

Soon after, I founded Exile International to provide healing to war-affected children through art therapy and holistic rehabilitative care programs. By God’s grace, EI has now brought healing and hope to more than 6,000 children! I soon began witnessing the power of redemption and the possibility of forgiveness that was greater than any torture these children had experienced.

Through this process, I’ve come to believe that if the world could learn deep forgiveness, gratitude, and redemption from these children — the world would be changed. Through this book, my hope is that the world is awakened to the realities of the 300,000 child soldiers in the world, and the very real power redemption can hold in all of our lives.”

– Bethany Haley Williams

Praise for The Color of Grace

“I met Jesus anew in Bethany’s stories of these children. It is my prayer that you will, too. It is my prayer that all of us will know and believe that Jesus can turn our greatest pain into our greatest joy, if only we will invite him.”

Katie Davis Majors, New York Times Bestselling Author of Kisses From Katie and Daring to Hope

“Bethany is a force of nature and loves everyone in her blast radius with the kind of focused attention and compassion that Jesus gave to the people around Him. Bethany doesn’t just pass along some theories she’s read about in this book. She shares the pain, the hope, and the wonder that have become her life. Buckle up. You’re going to love the journey you’re about to go on with someone who knows and lives what she’s talking about.”

Bob Goff, author of Love Does

“I couldn’t put the book down. Bethany’s words are raw and vulnerable. Each chapter made me want to read more and to go deeper into the story of redemption. This book illustrates more than ever the beauty and healing that can spring forth from the most painful things in our lives.”

Esther Havens, International Humanitarian Photographer

“I recently traveled to Uganda with Bethany and the Exile team and was blown away by the impact art therapy can have on these young children. The pains of their past are unspeakable. But through Bethany and Exile International, I got to see the dreams of their future take shape right in front of my eyes. The powerful stories that we got to hear are now in this book and they will surely have a profound impact on the lives of the readers, just as they did mine.”

Jeremy Cowart, photographer and founder of Help-Portrait and See University

The Color of Grace poignantly addresses a lesson I learned long ago: when people are sick, homeless, or hungry, words are not enough. They need help for when they hurt. Drawing from her professional training and her personal experiences with trauma, Bethany provides that help for children who are wounded both physically and emotionally. This book will inspire you, inform you, and enable you to see God’s grace in the midst of pain.”

Josh McDowell, Author, Speaker

“The Color of Grace gives an honest portrayal of the struggles she has gone through and how she was able to overcome them and make a difference in young people’s lives. Bethany has found her own way to connect with young people and in that process of gaining knowledge and wisdom, the young people are able to heal and find purpose in their lives. With Exile International’s trauma-care program, Bethany is able to use art therapy to help youth that have been affected by war. Bethany is a true peace soldier and an inspiration to many.”

Emmanuel Jal, former child soldier, peace activist, musician, actor, humanitarian and author of War Child: A Child Soldier’s Story

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