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At Exile International we believe in the power of children, and that anyone can be a leader for peace! Do you know any thoughtful, compassionate kids or teens? Are you a teacher, parent or youth worker? If so, we’ve got some ideas to help promote the healing and rehabilitation of rescued child soldiers and children orphaned by war through fun and simple activities. 

The 3 L’s

Lemonade.  Letters.  Learning.



Lemonade. Are you passionate about raising funds to provide spiritual, emotional, and physical healing for the children in Exile’s programs? Take an active part in healing the wounds of trauma by hosting a fundraiser!

  • Set up a lemonade stand on a hot day and donate the proceeds to help rescued child soldiers and children orphaned by war become leaders for peace!

  • Don’t like lemonade?! Here are some other examples:

    • Give away your birthday – in lieu of gifts, ask your loved ones to donate to EI or sponsor a child in our programs!

    • Host a pool party fundraiser!

    • Make & sell unique bracelets & donate the proceeds to Exile International.


Letters. Do you have a mini maestro in your family or know a budding artist? Send encouragement by writing a letter to a child in Exile’s programs!

  • Not good with words? That’s okay, this means anything creative!

  • Here are some other examples:

    • Create a handmade card!
    • Paint your favorite scripture verse!
    • Draw a portrait of you and your family.


Learning. Are you a youth group leader, camp leader, VBS volunteer, or parent? Sunday mornings, small groups and classrooms are the perfect settings to teach our next leaders about ways to serve! 

  • Need resources? We’ve got them – simply click here.

  • Here are some examples:

    • Host an activity and fundraise!
    • Start a change drive!
    • Watch a video about Exile & encourage your students to pray for the lives of Exile’s children.

Give hope

Empower Future Leaders



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