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Janet’s Story of Peace

A journey of peace

When Janet was just 15-years-old, she was abducted and forced to be a sex-slave and “wife” to Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Enslaved for eight years, she bore two children to Kony before escaping in 2005.

After breaking free, Janet transitioned from captivity through a care program where she began working through her years of enslavement. She was given the means to express what she was forced to do and then a safe portal to dream for her future.


Finding redemption

Despite the injustice and the terrible pain she survived, through God’s grace, Janet’s unceasing, infectious smile speaks to her redemption and hope. The pains of her past formed a new journey toward a bright and hopeful future. She was able to return to high school and even went on to earn a university education with a degree in Community Development.

Leaders are made in the process

Five years after escaping her enslavement, Janet became a leader in EI programs, helping other women become leaders of hope in their communities through her story. She successfully led EI economic empowerment programs and counseling groups for child-mothers (a term which is used locally for abducted girls who return from bush captivity with children).

Her humble spirit and forgiveness towards the LRA is inspiring new leaders

Janet is now happily married with three beautiful, healthy children and continues to volunteer her time assisting other child-mothers. In 2015, she began leading a nonprofit program dedicated to the identification and empowerment of former captives and survivors of the LRA in Northern Uganda.

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