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The Privilege of Seeing Graduates Lead


They were rescued child soldiers. They are now leaders for peace!

One of the greatest privileges of my year was visiting 3 graduates of EI’s program in DR Congo. Each of these young men exemplify what EI is striving to accomplish.

Out of their own initiative and passion to serve others in need, Bahati, Shalom and David have started a care center in their village — one of the hardest hit areas by war and rebel activity in DRC. Each week, they are leading 65 rescued child soldiers — utilizing the counseling curriculum that helped them heal their own wounds (a curriculum they are now trained in), leading peace-building and conflict resolution activities, and much more.

I have not the words to express the joy that flooded my heart as I watched these young men lead. With passion, confidence and a depth of understanding that few could offer, they are leading others down the road of restoration.

EI’s vision is not simply a dream. It is a reality.

My eyes well with tears of gratitude as I grasp the gravity of this. Bahati, Shalom and David — once taken from this very village. For years, each would not know if they would ever see their village or their family members again. And now… they are home. And now… they are making home a better place for others.

Thanks to the partnership and support of people like you, young survivors are not only being healed — they are becoming the leaders who will heal and transform communities.

Matthew Williams
Director of Operations



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