Building Leaders for Peace
in Uganda & DR Congo

EI serves in the heart of Central & East Africa. Each program targets the holistic care and transformation of child survivors of war. These children are being restored and empowered to become leaders for peace who will lead and transform their communities!


Our Mission Doesn’t Stop at Rehabilitation

Exile International restores and empowers war-affected children through holistic, rehabilitative care — providing spiritual, emotional and physical restoration. EI also provides education, housing, food, and medical care.

Utilizing a three-tier, curricula-based model of: (1) art focused trauma care, (2) peace-building and conflict resolution, and (3) leadership development, EI empowers child survivors of war to become leaders who will transform communities for Christ.

An Integrated, Three-Part Model:

  1. Art-focused trauma care
  2. Peacebuilding & conflict resolution
  3. Discipleship & leadership development

Graduate-Led Replication The Multiplier Effect



Extend Program

Exile International extends its reach and brings healing to more children each year by partnering with other organizations and local leaders — training and empowering those who serve vulnerable children and with children in armed conflict. Exile International provides trainings and consultation in art therapy, trauma care, peace and conflict resolution, and other psychosocial support tools.



About Our Model — The HOPE Initiative

Trauma Healing, Forgiveness, & Emotional Resilience 
The Empower Program

The EMPOWER Trauma Rehabilitation Program is a highly acclaimed model designed to help people effectively recover from the stressful and traumatic effects of war, human trafficking, sexual exploitation and natural disaster. EMPOWER is based on years of professional clinical intervention and research trials worldwide (conducted by the Family Challenge Charitable Trust).

Peace-Building & Conflict Resolution 

This curriculum, written by Corlette Sande, empowers students to understand and respond to conflict in a Biblical manner. Because problems and conflict are inevitable in each persons life, it is crucial that these youth be equipped with the skills necessary to understand, respond to and overcome conflict.


Leadership Development & Discipleship

Owing much to the acclaimed teachings John Maxwell, this curriculum was written and developed by a Congolese survivor of war for the youth of DR Congo. Through mentoring and lessons on key principles of leadership, youth are empowered to become leaders. Alongside practical opportunities to grow, youth are inspired by examples of great leaders, like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr., who overcame adversity to lead and inspire generations.

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