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Meet Justine

Justine was only nine years old when the rebels invaded her village. As bullets fired into the night, Justine, her six siblings, and their father fled for their lives with only the clothes on their backs — never to return home again.

Months after abandoning the only home they’d ever known, Justine’s father fell ill and passed away due to their transient and unhealthy living conditions — leaving her siblings to care for themselves and overcome their grief alone.

“We suffered a lot during that time. I was hopeless and traumatized - truly believing there was nothing left for me.”

Exile International welcomed Justine and her siblings with open arms when all hope seemed lost. From art-focused trauma
care to discipleship, the children went through programs that restored their confidence, reignited their belief in Jesus, and healed their tender hearts!

Justine is now seventeen — brimming with contagious joy and passionately chasing her dreams of becoming a nutritionist to help others facing food insecurity. She loves to sing in the choir at church; God’s praises are always on her lips!

“God has many ways to rescue his children. I will never cease to praise the Lord who rescued me and allowed me to be part of these amazing programs.”

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