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Ready for Work: Exile’s NEW Training Program

Exile’s NEW Ready for Work training program encourages vocation training for war-affected youth who have completed our rehabilitative care programs!

As rescued child soldiers and children orphaned by war in our programs grow, we want to equip them with tangible life skills to continue their healing journeys after they age out of our programs! The Ready for Work was created as another way to help prepare and equip the war-affected youth we serve to be successful after they graduate from our program.

Designed and contextualized by one of Exile’s team members in Congo, the Ready for Work program teaches basic business, finance, and life skills that will help position these child survivors of war to succeed in life and relationships!

The Ready for Work program has multiple components.

It starts with basic business skills such as interviewing and keeping a job, creating a budget, life skills, and being a good steward of personal finances. This faith-based program also teaches vocational skills – equipping program graduates to implement sustainable business practices to reinvest in their communities!

The Goal of the Ready for Work program is for each graduate to grow deeper in their faith and launch into adulthood with confidence and courage…dreaming of ways they can use their lives to benefit their communities!

These rescued child soldiers and children orphaned by war can use the skills they have learned through rehabilitative care programs to benefit their communities!

EI held our first Ready for Work training this year! 29 of Exile’s staff members from across eastern Congo were trained in how to lead the program and help launch EI graduates into adulthood – equipping them to become leaders for peace in their communities!

More program graduates are learning how to run their own small businesses and use funding to meet needs in their communities!

The COVID-19 pandemic has not stopped us from caring for rescued child soldiers and children orphaned by war as we provide vocational training now and into 2021!

Click here to support war-affected youth aging out of our rehabilitation programs by giving to the NEW Ready for Work training!

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