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6 nonprofits we love – and you should too!

… and you should too!

During a month dedicated to spreading love in all kinds of ways — chocolates, cards, and singing quartets — we want to spread love by telling you about the impact of six AMAZING nonprofits you should know about.

These six nonprofits are changing the world — anti-trafficking, job creation, breaking cycles of sex-slavery, micro-loans, orphan prevention — work that has a lasting global impact.
We would be thrilled if you showed them the same love and support you’ve shown Exile for the last 12 years!



Who is Venture?

We do tough things for people in tough places. We run, bike, hike, walk, pray, and sacrificially give to help vulnerable children in least-reached, least-resourced areas. We work alongside local Christian leaders to implement food security, education, anti-trafficking, and discipleship programs. We are inspired by Christian’s sacrifice to bring hope to humanity. Our programs are focused on seeing God at work in us and the world.

How can you get involved?

Log miles and raise funds to do something about injustice. Download the Venture Miles app where you can choose a cause, raise funds, log miles, and impact lives all in one place.

You can also join an outdoors event!

Connect with Venture

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Who is Nomi Network?

Nomi Network’s mission is to end human trafficking by creating pathways to safe employment, empowering women and girls to break cycles of slavery in their families and communities.

By creating economic opportunities for survivors and women at risk of human trafficking, we prevent human trafficking and break generational cycles of slavery.

  • We work in trafficking hot spots such as red-light districts and communities with high incidences of forced marriage, forced labor, and sex trafficking.
  • We provide training in life skills and technical skills to prepare women and girls for employment or starting small-medium size local enterprises.
  • We create jobs by connecting women to safe employment opportunities and by creating market access for local entrepreneurs.
  • We empower women and girls to become leaders in their communities to break cycles of exploitation.

How can you get involved?

Shop Nomi’s online store. Nomi Network is in business to create economic opportunities for survivors and women at risk of human trafficking. Every product purchased provides jobs for survivors and women at risk and helps end modern-day slavery.

Connect with Nomi Network

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The Human Trafficking Institute

Who is The Human Trafficking Institute?

The Human Trafficking Institute exists to decimate modern slavery at its source by empowering police and prosecutors to stop traffickers. Working inside criminal justice systems, the Institute provides the embedded experts, world-class training, investigative resources, and evidence-based research necessary to free victims.

How can you get involved?

Become a Justice Partner. By becoming a monthly Justice Partner, you are helping stop human trafficking at its source by empowering police and prosecutors with the specialized skills and tools they need to stop traffickers and protect victims.

Connect with The Human Trafficking Institute

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Who is Hiinga?

Hiinga is a Christ-centered economic development organization that invests in African entrepreneurs (micro, small, and middle) to transform lives. Hiinga provides micro-loans to the “last mile” through a “fund of funds” model, deploying capital to thousands of individuals through their credit, savings, and agriculture cooperatives. Hiinga provides direct loans to small and medium enterprises (SMEs – the “Missing Middle”) so they can grow and generate employment. Before loans are given, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs are given a mini-MBA training infused with biblical truth and discipleship; guiding them to do business as their mode of worship to the King, and the marketplace as a primary place of mission.

How can you get involved?

While investments and donations allow Hiinga to serve thousands of individuals through entrepreneurial endeavors, there are many ways you can get involved to support our mission. We’ve learned from experience that when people think outside the box, there’s no limit to what they can do for others!

Internships & Fellowships – opportunities for both undergrad and graduate students.

Volunteer – those with business experience can mentor an entrepreneur via video.

Organize a Fundraiser – inspire your school, church, or workplace network to get involved.

Vision & Mission Trips– learn more about Hiinga before making a commitment by going on a vision trip.

Connect with Hiinga

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Who is Forgotten Voices?

Forgotten Voices is committed to fighting the orphan crisis in southern Africa by empowering local churches to care for vulnerable families in their communities. We partner with qualified churches for up to 5 years, helping them deliver holistic custom plans that equip at-risk families/caregivers to provide for their children. We train churches to provide spiritual, parenting, and financial education to caregivers, and spiritual, psychosocial and educational support for children; we help churches create savings groups for caregivers so that they become financially independent. Our partnerships are designed to encourage sustainability and local ownership by church members. Assessments are periodically conducted to ensure that the custom plans are being effectively implemented and that the well being of children in the program is improving.

How can you get involved?

Host an event– get the word out about Forgotten Voices and see how God can use your voice to make a difference.

Pray – your gift equips local African churches to serve the physical and spiritual needs of orphaned and vulnerable children and their families.

Kingdom Safari VBS – through Bible lessons and stories from our African church partners, the program shares the gospel and teaches children that love helps others.

Connect with Forgotten Voices

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Who is CARE for AIDS?

CARE for AIDS works to mobilize the church in caring for families affected by HIV/AIDS in Kenya. Through the process of a nine-month program, each of our 23 centers serves 80 clients at a time, empowering them physically, spiritually, economically, socially, and emotionally. We know that it is every parent’s dream to raise and educate their children, and we empower clients to do just that. After graduating from the CARE for AIDS program, clients will live an extra 20-25 years. This means, despite their HIV status, they will live to raise their children and even see their grandchildren. We call it orphan prevention.

How can you get involved?

Join an Impact Trip. While in Africa, you will have an opportunity to meet and fellowship with those who are most directly impacted by our program. A week of meeting CARE for AIDS staff, visiting clients in their homes, worshiping together with them in church, and sharing meals together provides an opportunity to take part in the work of CARE for AIDS first hand.

Connect with CARE for AIDS

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I live Again Uganda

Who is I Live Again Uganda?

Our mission is to give hope to survivors of war through holistic restoration and to encourage those we serve to live a life of purpose. We provide, individuals, families, and communities in both urban and village settings the opportunity to find healing, hope, and restored identity after war.  We provide Trauma Counseling, Faith-Based Support, Resettlement, and  Community Development programs.

How can you get involved?

Come. We often host individuals, families, and teams who want to come to Uganda to share their skills with us and build relationships.

Invite. If you are looking to learn more about what we do, how we do it, and to build relationships with us let us know!  Invite us to meet with you, your workplace, or your church to share.

Advocate. We are not alone in our work.  We are looking for advocates to spread the word about the importance of our work and how others can make an impact.

Connect with I Live Again Uganda

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Village of hope Uganda


Who is Village of Hope Uganda?

Compelled by a God-centered heart for orphans, Village of Hope (VOH) rescues the lives of former child soldiers, sex slaves, and their younger siblings orphaned by war. VOH provides a safe haven for healing and hope for a future. Our approach is designed to prepare and inspire VOH young men and women to become productive citizens, ethical leaders, and beacons for Christ within their communities and country.

This is accomplished by our outreach ministries of food, education, counseling, and micro-economic projects in nearby Gulu’s former IDP camps. Two residential Villages of Hope provide loving homes, physical and spiritual support, medical services, onsite schools/vocational training, and solutions to systemic poverty and hopelessness among Uganda’s most vulnerable children.

How can you get involved?

Sponsor a Child. It’s one of the most personal ways to make a life-changing difference in a Village of Hope orphan’s life. Your sponsorship will provide housing, food, education, medical care, trauma counseling, life-skills, and spiritual nurturing.

Become a Prayer Partner. We believe in the power of prayer – that it is the most powerful and effective weapon we have. Join a vital part of our organization by becoming a Village of Hope Prayer Partner. We will share the prayer needs of our VOH orphans and staff so you can intercede on their behalf.

Shop Tabitha Artisans. Village of Hope provides trauma counseling, business & skill training. Teaching these young women to sew, make paper beaded jewelry, and basket weaving, so they now earn an income that will provide for themselves and their children. It has been a long hard road for them, but their hope has been renewed and their lives transformed through the work of God. Their HOPE has been restored!

Connect with Village of Hope Uganda

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