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Arthur: From Child Soldier to Ambassador for Christ

Horrors of War

Arthur has faced the horrors of war from an incredibly young age. He grew up in DR Congo. As a little boy, he lost both his mom and dad in rebel conflict in their region.



Then, at only seven years old, he was taken and enslaved by rebel militia — later forced to be a child soldier.

“I experienced difficulties – looting, rape, combat, hard labor, whipping, and no shelter. All of this traumatized me.”

Rescue and Healing

Arthur survived his time captivity — though far from unscathed. He was rescued by the UN’s MONUSCO forces and went through a brief demobilization program before being reunited with a surviving family member. Sadly, this was not a safe place to call home. His relatives and community, like many in Congo, were unwelcoming of him because of his as past child soldier. Yet again, Arthur was forced from “home” — abandoned by his remaining relatives and, at just 11 years old, began living on the streets.

By the grace of God and a series of connections led to Arthur finding a new home and family at an Exile International Care Center. There he found open arms and a new identity. At Exile International, no one ever called him “child soldier” — only young peacemaker. Even before youth yet know their potential, Exile is a place where each child can discover someone truly believes in them.


healing for his wounds of war. Through art-focused trauma care, discipleship, education, mentorship, and leadership development, 


Becoming an Ambassador for Christ

When he joined our program, Arthur practiced the Muslim faith. Through his time with Exile, he came to know Jesus! He has been baptized and is a part of the local church.

Recently, Arthur was reunited with his community! This is the ultimate goal for the war-affected youth Exile serves. We are thrilled to see Arthur experience reunification and healing from his wounds of war!

Once a rescued child soldier, now a leader for peace and ambassador for Christ!

“I praise my God because He saved me. Currently, I preach peace through expressive drama. Long live Exile International!” – Arthur


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