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Joshua: “My hope to live was restored”

A soldier at 9 years old

My name is Joshua, and I’m 18 years old. I was 9 years old when I was recruited by a rebel army. They gave me a gun and dressed me in their uniform.

After training for two months, I was sent to fight. I did terrible, violent things – terrorizing and killing innocent people. I was traumatized and lost the will to live. I served in this army for one year and four months.

A flee to freedom

One night I escaped during an attack. I ran to a safe place. Someone found me and brought me to Exile International. When I arrived there, my hope to live was restored.

Participating in many trauma healing programs and counseling has helped me so much. I am in good spirits and recovering! Already I have returned to school, and I dream of becoming a doctor!

I thank God for Exile International. May God bless you!


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