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Meet Jean

Exile is 12 years old – so is Jean!

“My name is Jean, and I am 12 years old. My father was a government soldier during Kabila’s regime. After he was demobilized from the army, he returned home to start a new life. Later they asked him to help in the reintegration of a rebel group and he was killed in a time of battle.

My mother remarried, but her husband mistreated us badly. Life became unbearable. My siblings and I ran away and became street children. We were scattered and had little to survive on.

One day I was very hungry and discouraged, so I decided to lay by the roadside and beg. Because I was so small, I attracted the attention of local authorities who approached me and asked me what was wrong. After I told them my story, they brought me to Exile International. I was welcomed immediately. I finally had a sense of belonging and felt safe. I found a second family! I have counseling and participate in the programs – trauma healing, discipleship, and worship. I love all these programs because they have helped me grow strong and learn a better way. I love singing with the children’s choir and Bible study. I thank God for Exile –  it has truly transformed my life!

God bless you, my friends.”

– Jean

Thank you for making healing & hope possible!

Since 2008, you’ve helped provide 5,100+ child survivors of war the care they need… and so much more!

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