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Meet Marc

Exile is 12 years old – so is Marc!

“I was only 10 years old when I fled a rebel group in the midst of a war. I was born into a vulnerable family who was not able to take care of all 5 of us children. By the grace of God, Exile took me in and sent me to school! I am now 12 years old and in high school. Because of Exile, all my needs are met – food, clothes, shelter, medical care. I enjoy the fellowship with other children at the center. Through Exile’s trauma healing programs, I am stable. I am able to read the Bible, speak French, sing, and share God’s Word with other children. I thank God for my good health and salvation.

I thank Exile for continuing to care for me.

Thank you, dear friends.”

– Marc

Thank you for making healing & hope possible!

Since 2008, you’ve helped provide 5,100+ child survivors of war the care they need… and so much more!

Your gifts transform lives and provide…

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