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Meet Bintu

Meet Bintu While at school one day, 13-year-old Bintu was forced to join the rebel militia. After one week of military training at their headquarters, the commander took Bintu to be his bodyguard. Bintu was forced to loot, kill, and vandalize. Bintu was traumatized by witnessing torture and atrocities committed against peaceful citizens.    By God’s grace, Bintu escaped this militia. After running to a nearby village, he […]

Meet Jean

Exile is 12 years old – so is Jean! “My name is Jean, and I am 12 years old. My father was a government soldier during Kabila’s regime. After he was demobilized from the army, he returned home to start a new life. Later they asked him to help in the reintegration of a rebel group and […]

Meet Julie

Exile is 12 years old – so is Julie! “My name is Julie, and I am 12 years old. I arrived at Exile in April 2015, after being separated from my parents because of the war. I used to have six siblings. My brother was killed during the war. We lost so many people, and […]

Meet Alexandra

Exile is 12 years old – so is Alexandra! “My name is Alexandra, and I am 12 years old. I arrived at Exile in April of 2015. I lost both of my parents in the war. During the war, we experienced a lot of very terrible things. Houses were looted and set on fire. People were killed. […]

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