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HOPE WINS | Gifts Matched!

Give Early  RSVP Today!     gifts matched Double the impact of your gifts! Join us for a night of celebration and generosity where you can provide healing and hope to 100,000 rescued child soldiers and children orphaned by war – where your gifts are matched! You are invited to Step Into The Story! During […]

“Uprooted” – docudrama by Christ Presbyterian Academy

 “uprooted” by CPA About the Film We are completely speechless at this awe-inspiring film! It features captivating survival stories of war-affected youth that will bring you to the edge of your seat and leave you with renewed hope! Highlighting the 13-year history of Exile’s redemptive work in Congo and Uganda, you’ll be inspired by […]

Witnessing Love in Disaster – Letter from Bethany

Dear Friend, On May 22, Mount Nyiragongo erupted just outside of Goma, DR Congo — leaving a trail of lava that destroyed 17 villages and over 4000 homes. Amid the destruction, our teams were overwhelmed with gratitude as many of you followed along, prayed, and donated to support those in need. Still… our teams were also overwhelmed […]

The HOPE Initiative

Beyond rehabilitation From Dream to Reality With a dream that rescued child soldiers and children orphaned by war could do more than simply survive, we envisioned their pain transformed into purpose by becoming their country’s next generation of peace leaders. Who better to lead war-torn nations toward peace than children who have survived? From this […]

Disaster Relief Resources

Disaster Relief Resources for your family, church, small group, and more On May 22, 2021, Mt. Nyiragongo erupted outside of Goma, Congo, killing many, destroying homes, and displacing thousands The city of Goma in DR Congo experienced an unthinkable tragedy when Mt. Nyiragongo erupted and lava flowed into the city displacing 400,000+ (*regular updates on […]

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